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Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing is used to detect internal defects in materials and products (non-hegemonic). It is a non-destructive process based on the principle of reflection of ultrasonic waves at the interface of two environments with different acoustic properties.

How the ultrasonic test works

The ultrasound is transmitted to the material under test in short pulses using a probe. The magnitude and time delay of the response is evaluated on the screen of the ultrasonic device, from which quite precise information about the location and dimensions of the defect can be obtained.

In order to perform ultrasonic testing, it is first necessary to provide surface preparation. Clean or grind off weld metal spatter, paint, loose scale and similar contaminants.

Appropriate use of ultrasonic testing

The ultrasonic test is the best way to detect defects in welds, forged or rolled materials, castings, etc. The application is not limited to steel, other metallic materials, plastics, etc. can also be tested.

Ultrasonic testing at Toro Tech

At the customer’s request, we can provide the material including the test directly from the supplier or arrange for stock material through an accredited testing facility.