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Trumpf TruLaser 3030, laser metal cutting, laser cutting of metals

Laser cutting of metals

We offer professional services and modern technology. Laser can burn with high precision, even fragile or easily deformable materials.

Parameters of laser cutting

Laser works on the principle of converting electric energy into light energy. Cutting involves three steps:

  1. Direct burning of material
  2. Melting of material
  3. Blown out the burnout from the cut point with the assist gas

Using laser we burn precise parts from various metal materials. These cut shapes are intended for further processing, such as bending, welding, etc.

TruLaser 3030

Triumpf TruLaser 3030, laserové řezání kovů, laserové pálení

High performance and first-class burning quality. Reliable laser of German production can easily cope with noble metal. It creates mirror-smooth edges without micro-fluttering, so no folding is required. In combination with the service of our specialists you can look forward to an honest piece of craft work.

we are very pleased to announce the opening of our new paint shop!

You no longer have to deal with the painting of your products outside TORO TECH, now you can have your products painted directly with us.

We now also provide powder coating!

The official start of operation is 1.1.2024, but you can place orders now.