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Powder coating

We offer professional powder coating of cut shapes and other metal products. We have modern technologies for both painting and surface preparation. We can also process urgent and non-traditional requests.

Powder coating can be applied to products of the following dimensions:

Width: 1 640 mm

Length : 1 800 mm

Height : 2 200 mm

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an effective surface treatment method that is characterized by even dispersion of the paint over the surface, durability and resistance to scratches, chemicals and weathering. There is also a wide range of color blends with different properties to choose from. This makes powder coating a popular surface treatment method across various industries.

Materials for powder coating

Powder coating is suitable for a wide range of metallic and some non-metallic materials that have high adhesion and the ability to create a durable surface.




Stainless steel




Other metal products

Plastic materials

Colour mixtures for powder coating

The advantage of powder coating is the wide variability of color mixtures, which allow for the achievement of different visual effects and properties.




Metallic paint

Structural (coarse, fine)



In which industries is powder coating used?


Engineering & Manufacturing

Furniture industry


Building industry



Food & Beverage

Steel & Metallurgy

Military industry

Chemical industry

Textile industry

Advantages of powder coating

Durability and durability

Powder coating provides high resistance to scratches, chemicals and weather conditions.

A greener alternative

Powder coating does not require the use of solvents, making it more environmentally friendly than some traditional painting methods.

Aesthetic variability

There is a wide range of colors and color effects that can be achieved with powder coating.

Effective application

Powder coating is a method that minimizes waste and provides even coverage without the risk of paint dripping off.

Preparation for powder coating

For a high-quality application and to ensure optimal adhesion of the powder coating, it is necessary to remove all dirt and grease from the surface. Surface preparation can be carried out by the following methods:


using cleaning solvents or special cleaning agents.


necessary for removing old paint, rust or irregularities.

Powder coating process

The powder coating is applied to the material by spraying in an electrostatic field, i.e. the powder particles are electrically charged and thus adhere to the grounded painted object, which ensures uniform coverage of the powder coating on the surface. It also allows us to spray even hard-to-reach surfaces for more complex shapes.

Burning of the painted product

After the powder coating is applied, it is fired in a baking (curing) oven, which causes its polymerization. This means that at a temperature of 160-200°C, the powder melts, merges, hardens and adheres to the surface of the product. The result is a durable, durable and smooth (possibly structured) coating.

Powder coating price

To determine the price of painting, we need to know the number of pieces of products, their dimensions and shape complexity, the type of material, the quality of the surface, the required color mixture and other details.