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Company history
TORO TECH s.r.o.

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The beginning of the company
TORO TECH s.r.o.

is written in 2007. Since our establishment, we are a purely Czech company, which has gradually developed to satisfy customer requirements. The company grew up with one welder who expanded his competencies. A year later, the company invested in an ESAB burning machine and an additional workplace was added to the welding shop. In the following years, we expanded to include new production technologies so that we would be able to produce the product finally with subsequent assembly.

Another activities

Over time, other crucial activities of the company have been added, such as construction, rental of real estate, distribution and sale of gases. In addition to engineering activities, our company has embarked on other business segments, where it has also prospered.

Stable direction

Torotech - kovovýroba, svařování, řezání laserem, pálení plasmou, ohýbání plechů, kovové konstrukce

In 2019, the company received its original direction and returned exclusively to engineering activities. In this regard, the company wants to use its experience, insert the experience of new owners and move as a whole, so that we can better meet the requirements of our customers.

we are very pleased to announce the opening of our new paint shop!

You no longer have to deal with the painting of your products outside TORO TECH, now you can have your products painted directly with us.

We now also provide powder coating!

The official start of operation is 1.1.2024, but you can place orders now.