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Plasma and autogenous cutting. Metal production, welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, acetylene burning, sheet metal bending, metal structures.

Plasma and autogenous cutting

We offer professional services with high quality and precision cutting. Plasma material separation is clean and no scaling and burr cleaning is required.

Parameters of plasma and autogenous firing

Cutting occurs by melting the material at high temperatures or by burning, where an electric arc is created between the plasma torch and the cut material.

The electron stream penetrates the cutting gas, forming ionized gases and plasma, which in turn can burn the material to be cut. It can be a mixture of oxygen, air, hydrogen and argon. A suitable combination of gases affects the firing quality, but it always depends on the material.

Whirling gas protects and promotes cutting quality. To put it simply, it separates the plasma (cutting gas with current) from the surrounding environment, and therefore allows better control of the plasma arc. It may be a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

Suprarex SXE-P 300


Suprarex SXE-P 300 Plazmové a autogenní řezání

Drives via toothed racks, servo-control and portal axis control ensure excellent machine dynamics and optimum cutting quality. Structural and stainless steels are thus cut at a higher speed. The Swedish company ESAB has developed a unique system to maintain the precise burner height above the stillage, which you will appreciate when looking at excellent cut quality over the full range of material thicknesses.

we are very pleased to announce the opening of our new paint shop!

You no longer have to deal with the painting of your products outside TORO TECH, now you can have your products painted directly with us.

We now also provide powder coating!

The official start of operation is 1.1.2024, but you can place orders now.